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Dr. Davoodifar keeps me looking young!!!
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I will always recommend you, Dr. Davoodifar!
A. V.

Dr. Davoodifar spends the time to explain everything.
K. H. - Aliso Viejo

Dr. D. is personable, gentle and she does not push treatments on you.
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Dr. Davoodifar's experience and honesty is by far the most important.
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What you need to know to have successful

Non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments are medical procedures that reduce the facial signs of aging. Their affordability, effectiveness, safety and treatment comfort makes non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments a true winner compared to any other anti-wrinkle treatment. In 2005, over 5 million non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures were performed in the United States.

Choose the right doctor

Non-surgical facial rejuvenations treatments are medical procedures. There have been increasing concerns regarding treatment safety and qualification of medical personnel executing facial rejuvenation treatments, so choose your provider with care.

Your facial rejuvenation physician should be sufficiently qualified. Your provider must consult you about all facial rejuvenation options based on your goals and medical history. The physician should further adequately inform you about risks, benefits, limitations and alternatives regarding all treatments.

For best results, you may choose a clinic that is specialized in facial rejuvenation treatments.

Always consult a medical doctor

You need to be careful with any medication. While facial rejuvenation treatments have a great safety record, there are situations where such treatments can interfere with your medical situation.

We highly recommend to always consulting a doctor regarding your facial rejuvenation treatments and that you choose a specialized clinic where you get a medical consultation with the doctor before your treatments. Based on your medical situation, the doctor can competently consult you on effectiveness and safety of your treatment.

Treatments in non-clinical settings

The 'American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery' has recently released a press release to raise awareness about the dangers of unlicensed personnel performing medical cosmetic procedures in non-clinical settings.

"Over the last few years, there has been explosive growth in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, often performed in retail or spa-like settings. Unlike physician offices where clinicians oversee the treatment and maintain medical records, spa-type centers may have limited or no full-time medical staff and may lack the experience or training to handle more than routine beauty services. Patients need assurances that a qualified and trained practitioner will perform their procedure appropriately, under sanitary conditions, and with product where the quality and source is known and FDA approved."

"Our concern here is that physician supervision in non-surgical cosmetic procedures may be inadequate or non-existent and that the individuals performing the treatments lack adequate training to safely perform the procedures."

If you consider treatments outside a medical facility, make sure you still get all the treatment benefits of a clinic.

Always follow your doctor's post treatment instructions

While most facial rejuvenation treatments have little or no downtime, it is important to follow the doctor's post treatment instructions carefully, as the skin is in a state of heighten sensitivity. Consult your doctor if you experience complications or delayed recovery.

Treatments do not need to be painful

An experienced medical professional will use the right technique for your treatment to ensure minimal discomfort. In addition to technique, ice-packs, cold air and/or local anesthesia further limit discomfort to virtually painless treatments.

Treatments should not cause excessive swelling

Treatments do not usually cause excessive swelling. An experienced medical professional will use the right technique for your treatment to minimize the amount and length of swelling. Rarely, excessive swelling can be caused by an allergic reaction to your treatment.

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