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Dr. Davoodifar did beautiful work and was very professional.
P. T. - Vero Beach

I have gone to many dermatologists and none can compare with Dr. Davoodifar.
S. V. - San Marino

Dr. Davoodifar spends the time to explain everything.
K. H. - Aliso Viejo

Dr. Davoodifar makes you look refreshed but never fake.
C. M. - Long Beach

Dr. Davoodifar is skilled, honest, kind and gentle.
O. J. - Santa Ana


Kybella improves the appearance of your 'double chin' by removing it's the moderate to severe fat. It is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatement that is a true alternative to facial liposuction or surgery.

Because no two faces are alike, Dr. Davoodifar uniquely tailors all her facial rejuvenation treatments to each individual patient to help you look and feel your very best.

Kybella Effects

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Kybella - How it Works

KYBELLA is identical to your own body's deoxycholic acid, which helps to absorb fats. Once injected, it attacks the fat cell's membrane. What remains of the fat cell is absorbed into the body's metabolic pathways.

Kybella Procedures

An initial consultation with Dr. Davoodifar at the Orange County DermaSmooth Clinic will determine how KYBELLA can be best applied for your maximum benefit.

Dr. Davoodifar will then apply your KYBELLA ® treatment in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. Although you may experience some swelling, there is minimal down-time associated with this procedure. You are usually ready to go back to your daily routine within a few minutes.

Kybella Results

Noticable change will show over a series of treatments and will result long-lasting, natural enhancement.

Please see our Success Stories for more information on results.

Kybella at the DermaSmooth Clinic

Kybella, if not injected correctly, can also destroy other kinds of cells. For a safe experience, it is therefore pertinent that Kybella is injected by an experienced medical professional like Susan Davoodifar, MD.

Due to the great treatment effect and patient comfort, Dr. Susan Davoodifar enjoys a sterling reputation among her clientele of Orange County and beyond.

Become a Dermasmooth Clinic Success Story. Schedule your free KYBELLA consultation today at the Orange County Dermasmooth Clinic.

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